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Attendance apps

An introduction to easyLog's low-cost, flexible time recording and attendance solutions.

Attendance apps

Location Clock: a foolproof staff clocking app using QR codes.

Attendance apps

Location Confirm: a flexible, geolocation-based clocking app.

Attendance apps

Geo Clock combines photos with location data for ultimate security.

Visitor attendance

Visitor management and emergency building evacuation app demo.

Roll Call app

Roll Call is a simple app providing a spot check of people on-site.

Job recording

The Actions app module provides a reliable record of tasks done by remote workers.

Job and time booking

QR Booking: a flexible job and time recording app based on QR codes.

Rota management

An introduction to rota management with easyLog's +Sb software.

Timesheet management

Timesheet management software and attendance recording demo.

Rota management

e-Log+Sb browser-based rota management software overview and demo.

Client invoicing

Using our software to invoice clients directly from the staff rota.